Window Cleaning Methods

Traditional Window Cleaning Methods

The widow cleaning method We generally use were ever possible is the traditional window cleaning methods where access Residential Window cleaners in Milton the windows is possible. For e.g: inside windows and ground level windows and where safe access with steps or ladders, access equipment, hydraulic lifts , cradles and rope access window cleaning methods.

We will wash the windows with soapy water with an applicator. The glass is then squeegeed and edges of the glass will be wiped dry with a scrim, frames are then cleaned with a micro fibre cloth. All spills are  wiped up. Window ledges will then also be clean with a micro fibre cloth. Leaving all the window spotlessly clean.

Water feed pole system

We have used water feed pole systems for 15 years, before they become a standard window cleaning method. SMS windowResidential window cleaning in Milton Keynes cleaners was one of the first window cleaning companies in the UK to use the water feed pole system.This system is an great system if used right and can clean windows and frames, leaving the spot free . But if used badly can leave window with spots and runs. 

Pole systems are a cost effective, safe way of cleaning windows at high level from the safety of the floor. This system is also great for cleaning cladding, signs and much much more.

High Level Hydraulic platforms.

We have specialise in all areas of working at heights. Through our knowledge and experience in high level access and risk/ Industrial Window Cleaning Milton KeynesMethod assessments we can provide the safest and most cost effective method of access for the job.All our staff are fully trained and hold full IPAF Licences. We have 18 years experience in using hydraulic lifts and platforms. Through our experience we can provide the hydraulic platform for the job in hand.

Specialist rope access window cleaners.

We have a dedicated rope access window cleaning team that all over the south of England. rope access window cleaner in Milton KeynesRope access method is a cost effective and safe way of accessing hard to reach and high level windows. Our team of rope access technicians are Fully trained and certified. We offer rope access cleaning and maintenance services, including repairs, painting and decorating and inspections and much more throughout the south of the UK.


Cradle work

We can also utilise cradles if they are fitted to the building and in working order and have the correct test certificate. We work closely with some cradle manufactures and can arrange testing and maintenance services for cradles.